How to Lock a Garage

When leaving home you want to make sure you have secured all of your doors, including the garage door. Most automatic garage doors may close the garage at the push of a button, but thieves are crafty and can get into a garage in seconds. You will need to deadbolt your garage to keep it secure. Locking a garage door can be accomplished in seconds giving you peace of mind as you leave your home.

Keep intruders from stealing your valuables by locking the garage door.
  1. Stand on the outside of the garage and either push the automatic garage door button to close or pull the garage door down.

  2. Insert the garage door key into the garage door deadbolt lock and turn to the right to lock the garage.

  3. Pull up on the garage door to ensure it is locked.

  4. Turn on your security system, if you have one, for added security.

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