How to Hide Small Cameras in Your House

Adding security cameras to your home will let you know what is going on when you're not around. They can also assist you in the event you are robbed or other activity that might occur on your premises. Small security cameras go unseen and give you the peace of mind of knowing your property is always under surveillance.

Hiding small cameras in your house can give you peace of mind.

Use a picture frame to hide the small camera in. Hide the camera by taking off the back of the picture frame, cutting a small vision hole in an old picture and aligning the camera with the vision hole in the picture frame. Reattach the frame's backing to the frame. Hang the picture around other pictures, if possible, to make it even more inconspicuous.

Cut a small hole into a big teddy bear and insert the camera into the bear. Position the camera as needed to align the camera vision properly. Push cotton around the camera to help support it. Sew the hole a little if needed.

Mount your small camera on top of a curtain rod. Secure into place with inconspicuous mounting materials. This will give you a view of a large area.

Use flower vases as another secure place to hide your cameras. Mount the camera in the top portion of the vase in between the flowers and secure into place. Put the vase where the camera is not seen, yet the vase still looks as if it were in a natural setting.

Mount the camera on a book case between some books or in a hidden corner. Secure the camera into place using materials that match the book case. Make sure to hide the camera where a section of books is not often accessed.

Things You Will Need

  • Mounting materials such as tape, wiring, tacks, nails or screws

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