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How to Replace the Shaft in Bread Machines

Katherine Ragland

Baking a delicious, aromatic loaf of French bread or a nutty, wholesome loaf of whole wheat bread is fun--and using a bread machine can make the process a lot easier. However, bread machines are made of many component parts that are susceptible to the wear and tear of making bread. Fortunately, you don't have to buy a new machine every time a part breaks--you can replace individual parts, such as a broken shaft, when the need arises.

Obtain Replacement Pan with Shaft

Replacing your bread machine's shaft can extend its life.

Step 1

Check the machine's manual to identify the shaft .The shaft is usually located in the bottom of the bread machine pan, and the kneading paddle fits over it. If you are new to the art of making bread, you might not be familiar with every component piece of your breadmaker. Typically, there is a labeled diagram toward the front of your manual.

Step 2

Identify the make and model of your bread machine. This information will be useful when you search for replacement parts or contact your machine's manufacturer.

Step 3

Investigate your warranty options. Kitchen appliances such as bread machines often come with a one-year warranty, so reference your bread machine's manual. Look at what is covered under the warranty, when it expires, and where to call for information.

Step 4

Call the company that made your bread machine or visit its website to see if you can purchase parts directly from the manufacturer. This is usually your best option. For example, Breadman, a popular maker of bread machines, refers customers to its customer care department or its partner, Fox International, for parts. Alternatively, search websites such as Amazon or eBay if you know the model number and make of your machine. Excellent deals are often to be found on these websites if you can locate the correct bread machine pan.

Step 5

Compare the cost of a new bread machine pan with shaft to that of a new breadmaker. Under certain circumstances, it might be more cost-efficient to buy a new machine.

Remove Old Bread Machine Pan with Shaft

Step 1

Lift the lid of your breadmaker. You should see the bread pan inside with its handle. The shaft is located at the bottom of the pan underneath the kneading paddle.

Step 2

Grasp the handle of the pan and gently pull it out of the machine. Set it on your work surface.

Step 3

Remove the kneading paddle from the shaft located in the bottom of the pan and set it aside. You will use it in the new replacement bread pan.

Insert Replacement Bread Machine Pan with Shaft

Step 1

Grasp the sides of new bread pan and gently lower it into bread machine--you should not need excessive force to insert the new pan into your breadmaker. If the pan is the correct make and model for your machine, once you align it properly, it should snap into place.

Step 2

Take the kneading paddle that you removed from your old bread pan and place it onto the drive shaft in your new bread pan. It should slide easily over the shaft.

Step 3

Close the lid of your bread machine. Turn on the machine on and select any cycle, then press "Start." You simply want to make sure the machine turns on and works appropriately. If your bread machine has a window, look inside to make sure the kneading paddle is moving normally once you press start. Alternatively, briefly life the lid to look inside. Once you have established that the new pan is positioned correctly and the kneading paddle is moving, turn the machine off.