How to Glue Laminate Wood on Concrete

Laminate wood flooring generally looks and feels like real hardwood, and in a most cases actually has a hardwood surface over a composite base. Because it's manufactured, laminate wood flooring can be formed into systems that are especially easy to install with different methods, including the glue-down method. This is a good solution for covering a concrete slab or other surface that can't be nailed. Make sure your laminate floor specifies that it can be installed in this manner.

  1. Clean the floor completely with floor cleanser and a mop. Rinse well. Let it dry for two to three days.

  2. Spread floor glue along the side of the floor with a notched trowel at the longest edge that doesn't contain the doorway. Spread the glue in a line that comes about 2 feet out from the wall and spans the whole length of the floor.

  3. Lay your first laminate floorboard alongside the wall, at one end. Position it so the grooved sides of the board face the wall. Put plastic shims between the board and the wall to create a small space that will let the floor move with environmental changes.

  4. Connect the second board onto the first, connecting the ends by their tongue-and-groove fittings. Repeat and continue, laying boards end to end all along the wall. Put shims next to the wall the whole way. Cut the board at the end, as needed.

  5. Set the second course by pressing the boards alongside the first course, by the tongue-and-groove fittings on the sides. Get them tight by setting a piece of scrap wood against the outside of the boards and tapping with a hammer. Arrange the boards so the ends don't line up. Cut the last piece on each course, as needed.

  6. Continue laying courses and working your way across the floor, until you are approaching the far wall and no longer have space to work. Let the boards set in the glue for 12 hours.

  7. Lay the remaining portion of flooring when you can stand on the first portion to work. Cut the final course along their lengths with a table saw so there is a 3/8-inch space there. Floor trim will cover the spaces around the room.