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How to Remove Rust From a Heavy Chain

Tony Myles

Often used outdoors, a heavy chain is subject to moisture damage through rain, snow and hail. Heavy chains are often utilized to tie large things down on a truck or flatbed, as well as help anchor a boat in deep waters. When rust develops on the chain, it can become difficult to remove it from the links. By making the most of some simple cleaning materials, the chain can be made useful again.

Removing Rust Flakes

Rust can cause the links of a chain to break prematurely.
  1. Fill a barrel with 1 to 2 shovels of sand, then put the heavy chain in.

  2. Seal the barrel so that the sand nor the chain can come out.

  3. Roll the chain around for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing the sand to take off the flaking rust.

  4. Remove the chain from the barrel, shaking each link to get rid of the sand.

  5. Dispose of the sand and rust into a proper receptacle.

Cleaning The Chain

  1. Turn on your power washer and spray the chain at a moderately intensive setting.

  2. Place the chain on old newspapers and allow it to dry in the sun.

  3. Wipe down every part of the chain with a wire brush.

  4. Spray WD40 all over the chain, then allow it to dry.

  5. Spray the chain with a protective paint, such as Rust-Oleum.