How to Prevent Water Streaks on Riding Floor Scrubbers

Streaks left behind your riding floor scrubber can be unsightly. A riding floor scrubber increases productivity; however, streaks can ruin the clean look of your floor. Different scrubber models vary in how you fill and clean them, but there are universal ways to avoid streaks that will work for almost all models.

Sweep before using the floor scrubber.
  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor before before attempting to operate the riding floor scrubber. Debris can get stuck under the squeegee blade, causing streaking.

  2. Check the squeegee for any signs of wear before you put it on the scrubber. A worn squeegee leaves behind water streaks. Replace it if it doesn't make contact with the floor. Different models vary on how to replace the squeegee, so check your owner's manual for specific directions.

  3. Increase the cleaner-to-water ratio. Streaks can be caused by insufficient amount of cleaner in the water. Add a little extra cleaner if the floor is extra dirty.

  4. Turn off the solution flow when turning corners to avoid puddles in the corners and turn it back on as soon as the corner is done. The pad has a sufficient amount of cleaner to clean the corner.

  5. Dry one coat completely before applying a second coat. Check the floor to be certain it is dry if a second scrubbing is necessary.

  6. Clean all parts of the machine after each use. Discard the floor pads. Remove brushes and squeegees and hang them to dry.

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