How to Measure for a Sliding Shower Door With a Frame

Sliding shower doors give you a convenient way to add privacy to your shower and to prevent water from coming out onto the floor when someone is running the shower. Sliding doors come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. The most common shower doors are made of acrylic plastic or glass. They are typically sold together with the frame that fits perfectly with your shower or tub enclosure. Before you install your new doors you must measure to ensure the proper fit.

Shower doors are fairly easy to install.
  1. Install the shower or tub enclosure before you begin measuring for your sliding doors. The tub will be a guideline for your measurements.

  2. Use a tape measure to measure the top of the enclosure between each facing wall. This will give you the length of the shower frame. Make measurements in inches.

  3. Measure the distance from the top of the enclosure to the ceiling. This will give you the clearance measurement for your shower doors.

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