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How to Degrease a Pan

Charlotte Johnson

Experienced chefs know that you often have to grease a pan before a cooking activity in order to keep the food from sticking to the pan. The only problem with this is that the pan sometimes has a greasy residue left over even after you give it a regular washing.

Vinegar is a natural deodorizer as well.

There is a way to degrease a pan quickly and easily using an inexpensive commodity that you probably already have right at home.

  1. Fill the pan with one part white vinegar to two parts hot water.

  2. Allow the pan to soak for approximately 20 minutes. The vinegar will cut through most of the grease just during the soaking process.

  3. Wet a cleaning sponge with vinegar and add a couple of squirts of liquid dish soap. Use the sponge to wipe out the pan.

  4. Rinse the pan and dry it before you use it or store it away.