How to Drain the Water From a Drip Pan on a Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater uses pressure and energy to heat water for use in bathing, washing clothes and many other everyday uses. The most common systems use a tank to store and heat water for use. As the tank heats up and cools down, condensation forms on the outside. The water from the condensation travels down the tank. It is then caught in the water heater's drip pan. Water can also leak from the tank's pipes. Over time, the drip pan may fill with water. To avoid rust from forming on the tank's components, the pan will need to be drained.

Step 1

Place a towel on the floor under the drainage port of the drip pan. This will catch any spilled water.

Step 2

Stretch the hose from the drip pan to the drainage area. Placing the hose before you begin draining the pan will eliminate excess spillage.

Step 3

Remove the cap covering the drainage port of the drip pan.

Step 4

Connect the hose to the drainage port.

Step 5

Allow the water in the drip pan to drain until the water level is below the drainage port.

Step 6

Push the top of the pan down to drain the remaining water from the pan.

Step 7

Disconnect the hose.

Step 8

Replace the drainage cap.

Step 9

Wipe the inside of the drainage pan with a towel.

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