Waring Blender Blade Replacement Instructions

Irene A. Blake

The blade assembly in Waring Pro blenders -- food and beverage, specialty and bar blenders -- attaches to the base of the blender container. The assembly may attach to the unit with a plastic collar or may have a "permanent" design. Depending on your model, this means that you will need to replace the assembly only or the entire container. Waring offers replacement parts online and over the phone. The method you use to procure and replace the required part(s) depends entirely on whether you know the part number.

Known Part Number

  1. Go to the Waring Parts & Accessories website (see Resources).

  2. Click the "Add to Cart" button to the right of the replacement blade part needed. If you don't see the part, or want to find out whether Waring offers the blade assembly only for your specific blender model, skip this section and follow the steps for replacing the blade when you don't know the part number.

  3. Confirm that you selected the correct part on the page that opens and then click the "Checkout" button.

  4. Enter billing information on the page that follows and click the "Continue Checkout" button. Repeat this process to enter the shipping and payment information when prompted. Complete the order.

  5. Remove and replace the existing blade assembly or the entire blender container when the new part arrives in approximately seven to 10 business days.

Unknown Part Number

  1. Pick up the assembled blender and look for the model number and date of purchase code underneath the base.

  2. Call Waring Customer Service at 800-492-7464 and give the customer service agent the name of your blender, the model number and date of purchase code.

  3. Order the new part through the agent.

  4. Wait approximately seven to 10 business days for the part to arrive and then replace the old with the new.