How to Miter a Seamless Gutter

In a seamless gutter installation, a miter is necessary to cover a corner. Miters can be purchased prefabricated to make the job a little easier. A miter is two short pieces of gutter that have been machine cut at a 45-degree angle and joined together with a tight seal to create a single corner piece. Using miters lowers installation time and mess on the job site, and reduces the potential for leaks in the corners.

Miter a seamless gutter with a prefabricated box miter.

Coat the inside of one side of a box miter with gutter seal and slide the end of the gutter into the miter. Press the miter and the gutter firmly together.

Fasten the miter to the gutter with pop rivets and apply gutter seal to the inside seam.

Coat the inside of the second side of the miter with gutter seal and slide the second piece of gutter into the miter. Secure with pop rivets and coat the inside of the connection with gutter seal.

Things You Will Need

  • Box miter
  • Gutter seal
  • Pop rivets


  • Box miters work for 90-degree corners. Strip miters must be used for 45-degree corners, which requires the installer to cut the gutter pieces to be connected at a 45-degree angle before connecting it with the miter.

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