Garage Opener Wiring

The motor on a garage door opener operates on AC, or alternating current, electricity.

Position the garage door opener control in a convenient location.Position the garage door opener control in a convenient location.
The controller button that raises and lowers the door operates on low-voltage electricity generated by a DC converter inside the opener unit. Most garage door openers are manufactured with an AC cord installed. The cord has a three-way household plug that connects to an overhead outlet. Garage opener wiring is performed using basic wiring tools.

Uncoil the low-voltage wire that came with the garage door opener. Use wire strippers to separate one end of the insulated strands of low-voltage wire. Pull the strands apart about 8 inches. Bare the ends of each wire about 1 inch with wire strippers. Be careful not to cut the thin strands of copper wire. Twist each of the bare ends of stranded wire tightly by hand.

Position a ladder below the garage door opener unit. Remove the back cover from the unit to expose the low-voltage contact screws. Set the cover aside and loosen the contact screws with a flat screwdriver.

Wrap the bare end of each low-voltage lead around a contact screw and tighten the connection with the screwdriver. Allow the bulk of low-voltage wire to hang from the unit. Do not replace the back cover on the opener unit at this point.

Separate and bare the ends of the low-voltage wire at the opposite side of the wire and bare the ends as before. Attach each of the leads to a contact screw on the back of the control button. Use the provided screws or brads to mount the control button on a wall near a doorway that leads in and out of the garage. Make sure the low-voltage wires extend out of the top of the control button casing.

Use insulated wire clips and a small hammer to affix the low-voltage wire up the wall and across the ceiling near the garage door unit. The clips should be about 24 inches apart to prevent slack in the wire. Coil any excess low-voltage wire near the unit and attach the coil to the ceiling with an insulated clip.

Remain on the ladder and plug the power cord from the garage door opener into the overhead electrical outlet. Follow the instructions on the back of the unit to program the opener and set a personal code for the wireless remote control. Reattach the cover on the back of the unit.

Things You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • Wire strippers
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Insulated low-voltage wire clips
  • Small hammer


  • Program any number of wireless remotes using your personal code.

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