How do I Repair a Retro Steel Frame Double Glider?

Retro steel frame double gliders give a vintage look to patios and gardens. The gliders originally gained popularity in the post-World War II era as Americans began moving to the suburbs in large numbers. Their new suburban houses came with patios and gardens, and outdoor furniture like steel double gliders were popular choices. Many retro gliders available today have been left outside for decades. Peeling paint, rust and corrosion are common problems with the antique gliders. Careful renovation can give them many more years of life.

Remove rust before repainting your retro glider.

Step 1

Disassemble the glider. Save all parts and note placement of screws and smaller pieces for easy reassembly. Check each piece of the glider for rust and damage.

Step 2

Sand off any rust from each piece using steel wool and a liquid rust removal product. Dry thoroughly with a clean cloth and let air dry for about an hour.

Step 3

Fill in any deep scratches, grooves or holes with a metal filler paste. Let dry per product directions. Sand with extra fine-grit sandpaper. Dust off excess.

Step 4

Prime. Paint using rust-resistant exterior metal paint. Buff with car wax for a high-shine finish.

Step 5

Reassemble glider. Replace any rusted or broken fasteners including bolts, washers, nuts and screws. Adjust brackets and grease glider pieces for smooth rocking.