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Kenmore Washing Machine Rinse Cycle Troubleshooting

Chad Buleen

Your Kenmore washing machine's rinse cycle plays an important part in allowing the device to fully remove soap and detergent from the clothing in the washer. When the rinse cycle does not function properly, this causes the clothing to come out soapy and not fully clean. Kenmore recommends washing machine owners follow a few steps to determine why the rinse cycle is not working properly.

  1. Close the lid or ensure that the lid is fully closed. The rinse cycle will not operate with an open lid.

  2. Do nothing if it appears that the water level seems to be too low or if the washer seems to not completely fill. Because the top of the agitator is higher than the highest water level, it may seem like the washer is not fully filling even though it is filling to the proper level.

  3. Make sure the plug is inserted into a three-prong outlet. Use an ohmmeter to check to make sure there is an energy supply at the outlet.

  4. Turn the hot and cold water faucets fully to the right to make sure the valves are open and the water is able to flow into the appliance.

  5. Check the inlet water hose to make sure that it is not pinched between the washer and the floor or the wall. Any kinks or pinches in the hose could impede water flow, thus not allowing the rinse cycle to function properly.