How to Make Waterproof Storage Tubes

Waterproof storage is something of major concern with areas prone to flooding. Important documents and personal mementos can be damaged by high waters or household leaks. Creating any form of water proof storage protects the important pieces from harm. PVC is a plastic piping material that is used to transport water without leaking, making the material water proof. PVC is available in numerous sizes, including 3-inch wide piping. You can build a waterproof container out of any size PVC pipe with a few attachments.

Use a size of PVC for the project to suit your needs.

Step 1

Cut the PVC to the length needed with a hacksaw.

Step 2

Rub primer onto one end of the pipe with the brush included with the primer. Rub cement over the primer. Press the PVC cap onto the pipe. Twist the cap a quarter turn in either direction to fully seat it onto the pipe.

Step 3

Apply primer and cement to the other end of the pipe. Attached the threaded male adapter to the pipe. Twist the adapter to fully seat it.

Step 4

Cut cork material into circles with a utility knife to fit into the screw-on cap. Add several layers until the cork material is just past the top threads inside the cap.

Step 5

Screw the cap into place. The cork material operates as a seal if sufficient layers were made to impact the top of the PVC pipe when threading on the cap. Add more layers of cork if the cork does not touch the tip of the pipe with the cap fully tightened. Removing the cap and looking at the cork will reveal indentations in the cork if the cork and pipe were in contact.