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How to Finish Edges on Vinyl Upholstery

Ann Sofer

Vinyl is a processed material made from plastic; it can be used in a wide variety of applications. If you want to cover a padded piece of furniture, you can use vinyl to make the upholstery waterproof and easy to clean. The only issue with vinyl upholstery comes when you want to finish it. There is an easy way to cover up the raw edges and finish off your upholstery project, using a self-sealing piece of vinyl, which will cover you attachments and the staples holding the vinyl in place.

  1. Cut a piece of the vinyl strip to the length of the vinyl you want to edge. Use sharp scissors and make the cut straight and clean along the lines of the piece to be edged.

  2. Lay the strip on top of the vinyl edge and make sure it is lying flat on the attachments. If you used staples to attach the vinyl, remove any staples that are keeping the strip from resting smoothly on the vinyl.

  3. Bend the trim slightly in half to reveal the gap along the center. Don't move the strip away from the position you have placed it in or the edges will be exposed.

  4. Drive a staple into the channel in the strip using a staple gun, and let the strip bend back into shape. The staple should run along the length of the channel, not across it.

  5. Insert more staples along the rest of the strip until it is securely in place. As you move along the strip, make sure you bend it to reveal the channel inside.