How to Make Signs Using a Dremel

Whether you decide to create small signs to label the vegetables in the garden, to or make a welcoming sign at the entrance to your home, a Dremel tool transforms sign design into an easy and quick task. Instead of making painted signs that can weather and peel over time, a Dremel tool allows you to create engravings in a wood sign using a router head. These router bits come in various shapes and sizes, so before you begin, decide the size of bit you would like to create a finished and visible sign.

Create your own engraved wooden signs using a Dremel too.

Step 1

Draw the sign's design onto the surface of the wood plank.

Step 2

Insert the router head you would like to use into the Dremel tool.

Step 3

Plug in the Dremel tool, and turn it on. Slowly lower the router head into the wood. Hold it steady, to keep the tool from skipping or spinning out of the wood. Slowly draw the tool over the sign design you drew, carefully lifting and re-inserting the router head into the wood when necessary. Router the entire design.

Step 4

Blow away any wood curls or dust and finish cleaning by wiping a dry rag over the wood's surface. Make sure you clean out the router design by inserting the rag's corner into the wood indents.

Step 5

Mount the sign's face to a pole by hammering flat-head nails above and below the sign's design.

Step 6

Paint a light coat of wood stain over the sign. Allow the stain to dry completely before applying a second coat of wood stain.