How to Recycle Glass Beer Bottles

After a big party, you may have many empty beer bottles lying around your house. If you gathered up all of the bottles and threw them into the trash, you would be sending the bottles off to your local landfill. Recycling glass beer bottles can reduce the amount of waste that is entering our landfills and help the environment. Recycling the bottles only takes a few minutes and there are a variety of ways to accomplish it.

Recycling your beer bottles will help the environment.

Step 1

Rinse the glass beer bottles out; then place the bottles into your personal recycling bin for curbside pick-up. You should have a bin that has been provided by your city or homeowners association. If you do not have a bin or would like to know the pick-up date, locate your local Waste Management office or the Utilities Authority. If you live in an apartment, contact the leasing office to locate your complex’s drop off bin. In most cities, the bin will be emptied once a week.

Step 2

Visit the “Earth911” website and type in “glass bottles” into the search bar at the top of the screen. Earth911 provides you with local address for recycling the items you have specified. You may search by your address, zip code, city name or state to locate the closest drop off center in your area that accepts glass items. Rinse out all of your bottles and mail; or drop them off to the recycling center you selected from Earth911.

Step 3

Visit the “Bottle Bill” website and see if there is a drop off center in your area. The Bottle Bill will pay you for each bottle that you return to them. You may be familiar with the sticker on your beer bottle offers a price for each bottle that is returned properly. The Bottle Bill will honor the price listed on the side of the bottle. The bottles must be clean and entact. Bottle Bill will not accept broken glass. As of December 2010, 11 states offered an agreement to use the Bottle Bill: Vermont, Oregon, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa, Hawaii, Delaware, Connecticut and California.

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