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How to Reseal a Shower Drain With Silicone

Cheryl Macman

A shower drain is the opening in the floor of a shower that allows the water running from the head to drain safely out of the shower through your pipe system. If the seal around the drain fails or deteriorates, the water will start to leak out through the seal and fail to drain to the correct place. You can avoid the damage this kind of leakage would cause by resealing your shower drain using silicone sealer.

Learn how to reseal a shower drain with silicone.
  1. Remove the old drain seal using the craft knife blade. Pass the edge of the blade between the drain flange and the seal to cut them apart, then pull the seal out.

  2. Cut off the tip of the silicone sealer with scissors to create a 45-degree angle opening on the underside of the tube. This will allow you to get to silicone deep into the join of the drain and the shower.

  3. Hold the tip of the sealer right in the drain gap and squeeze out the silicone using consistent pressure. This will maintain a regular silicone bead.

  4. Move the tube around the drain until you complete the bead in a solid circle. Make sure there are no gaps or breaks in the bead.

  5. Wet your finger and run it along the silicone to smooth it out. Press the seal down and spread it between the drain and the shower floor.