How to Clean Grease Off Pavers

Pavers, decorative brick or stone tiles laid outdoors in driveways, patios and walkways, come in different colors and shapes. They don't require frequent cleaning, but in time dust, dirt and even grease will settle on them. Cleaning the pavers once a year will keep them looking their best and help make them last a long time.

Cleaning your pavers will keep them looking good.
  1. Sweep away any dirt, dust or leaves on the pavers with a broom.

  2. Use your high pressure hose to wash away any remaining dirt. If you do not have access to a high pressure hose, then use a regular garden hose with a nozzle attached to the end. Open the faucet as far as possible, then squeeze the nozzle and spray the pavers to wash away the debris.

  3. Mix warm water and laundry detergent in a bucket. Pour the mixture onto the pavers and sweep over the area again with your broom, brushing harder over any stains.

  4. Apply paver stain remover to any areas covered in grease. You can purchase paver stain remover at most home improvement stores.

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