How to Install a Maytag Microwave

Maytag microwaves come in a variety of styles and types, and include different hood combinations and countertop options, but how you install the microwave depends on the type of base microwave you purchased.
You can install a Maytag microwave oven over your stove.
The most common microwave option is the countertop microwave, which you simply plug in and set on the counter or a shelf. However, you can also choose to build your microwave into a space above your oven. .

Step 1

Remove any parts, packing materials and accessories from inside the microwave oven. Keep it unplugged.

Step 2

Measure the space where you want the microwave to go. Mark the center of the space with a vertical line from the back to the front.

Step 3

Find the plastic or paper template 1 provided by Maytag. Line up the center line on the template with the center line you marked. Use a pencil and the hole in the template to mark where the hole should go for the box screw. Remove the template.

Step 4

Drill a hole into the shelf on the mark with a 7/64-inch drill bit.

Step 5

Screw a 3/16-inch screw partly into the hole, leaving 1/8 to 3/16 inch of the screw free above the surface of the shelf.

Step 6

Slide the microwave oven partially into place on the shelf. Plug in the microwave. Push the microwave the rest of the way into position. Catch the screw with the lip of the oven as you slide the microwave into place. This keeps the microwave secure and minimizes shifting.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Maytag template 1
  • Drill
  • 7/64-inch drill bit
  • 3/16-inch screw

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