How to Install a Whirlpool Oven Door

Whirlpool manufactures many different types of ovens, including in-wall ovens, slide-in ovens, dual ovens and ranges (oven and stove combination). The oven door on all Whirlpool ovens is designed to be easily removable so that the door can be repaired or cleaned. After you have finished repairing or cleaning the oven, it is important that the door be reinstalled properly, as incorrectly installing the door could lead to injury or wasted energy as heat will escape the oven.

Install a Whirlpool Oven Door
  1. Align the hanger arms on the bottom of each side of the door with the hinge slots on the bottom of the oven.

  2. Push the oven door firmly against the door jam to fully insert the hangers.

  3. Open the door slowly, at which point the door will click into place. If you do not hear a click, the oven door is not inserted properly.

  4. Flip the clips at the base of the door upwards towards the oven to lock the oven door into place.

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