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How to Clean Unfinished Pine Boards

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Pine is a softwood that is white to pale yellow. It is useful in making furniture and wood crafts.The pale color gives an old-fashioned ambiance to the furnishings. Cleaning unfinished pine boards is part of caring for the wood. Whether it is lumber you are preparing for a wood-working project or simply a beloved piece of furniture, the proper care will help it to last and look its best for many years.

Ammonia Method

Pine wood is pale in color.

Step 1

Dust the pine wood with a cleaning cloth or feather duster.

Step 2

Mix a cleaning solution of 20 percent ammonia and 80 percent water in a bucket.

Step 3

Dip a soft cleaning cloth into the solution and wring it out well.

Step 4

Rub the cloth over the entire surface of the pine wood. This mixture is effective in cleaning soil or stains from the unfinished wood.

Mineral Spirits Method

Step 1

Wipe off the unfinished pine boards with a soft cloth or feather duster to remove any dust or loose soil.

Step 2

Dip a soft cleaning cloth into the mineral spirits or turpentine.

Step 3

Wipe down the surface of the unfinished pine boards. This method effectively cleans greasy grime, oil, wax buildup and furniture polish from wood surfaces.