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How to Use Car Wax to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Ashley Friedman

Installing good, high-quality cabinetry in your kitchen can be a tremendous asset to your home. Not only is beautiful kitchen cabinetry durable, sturdy and attractive, it also adds value to your kitchen. Keeping cabinetry clean is important. Smoke from cooking, dust, dirt and oils from hands can all cause a dirty build-up on your cabinets. One of the most effective ways to maintain a clean and lustrous sheen is to clean kitchen cabinets using a good quality wax that contains carnauba wax, such as a car wax.

Step 1

Moisten your cloth or rag with the oil-based soap of your choice.

Step 2

Dust the surface of the cabinets with the moistened cloth, making sure to travel in the direction of the wood grain. Moving the cloth against the wood grain can cause scratches if the dust has any grit in it.

Step 3

Allow the cabinets to dry fully.

Step 4

Dip a clean soft cloth into the car wax and begin to apply it in an up-and-down motion to the cabinets. Again, follow the grain of the wood. Take care not to apply more wax then necessary; too much wax can cause build-up, making your cabinets look smudged and dull.

Step 5

Dust the cabinets once a week with a cloth moistened in oil soap.

Step 6

Apply car wax containing carnauba wax to the cabinets once a month.