How to Shrink Wrap Pictures

It is a great idea to shrink-wrap pictures before you ship or present them to loved ones. Shrink wrapping protects pictures by tightly sealing them, which prevents scratching, chipping and tearing. Whether your photos are framed or not, you want them to arrive to their recipient undamaged. Shrink wrapping your pictures is a cost-effective method of keeping your photos safe during delivery.

Shrink wrapping keeps your pictures secure.
  1. Cut a piece of cellophane that is 2-1/2 times as long as the picture. Fold it in half lengthwise and slip the picture inside. Make sure that the cellophane overlaps the picture's edges.

  2. Set your hairdryer to low heat and evenly blow warm air around the overlapping cellophane edges. Gradually increase the heat until cellophane edges start to seal together and shrink.

  3. Pick up the photo and blow the front and back of it evenly with warm air. Continue blowing air on the picture until the cellophane is tightly sealed around it.

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