How to Remove Hard Water From a Faucet

Hard water is a problem when your water supply contains high mineral content and the water splashes and dries onto your faucet. The best way to minimize this buildup is to wipe off the water before it has a chance to dry, but if you're already stuck with this hard water residue you can easily remove it with an inexpensive household ingredient.

Keep hard water buildup off the faucet with vinegar.
  1. Soak a paper towel in white vinegar and wipe over the faucet. Continue until all of the residue is removed.

  2. Run a clean paper towel under water and rub over the faucet to remove the vinegar residue.

  3. Dry the faucet with a clean paper towel. Also dry the faucet each time you notice water splashing onto the faucet.

  4. Twist off the faucet head, washer and similar parts that still have hard water buildup, and soak these in a small bowl of vinegar for about one hour, making sure all parts are submerged.

  5. Scrub the parts with an old toothbrush. Rinse them with warm water and dry with a clean rag.

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