How to Clean a Chemex Coffee Pot

The Chemex coffee pot is a glass one-piece coffeemaker that also serves as a pitcher.
The Chemex coffeemaker can be used to make both coffee and tea, and the coffee or tea made in a Chemex can be placed in the refrigerator directly in the coffee pot and reheated without flavor loss. Though the wood wrap-around collar that comes on a Chemex coffee pot may make it seem a challenge to clean, the Chemex coffee pot can actually be cleaned as you would clean any other narrow-necked drink pitcher.

Step 1

Add a little dish soap to the Chemex coffee pot and fill the coffee pot with hot water. Keep the outside of the coffee pot dry and allow the coffee pot to sit until the water cools.

Step 2

Use a coffee pot brush to clean the inside of the Chemex coffee pot. Chemex offers its own coffee pot brush through the company website and through Amazon (see Resources). Avoid splashing water out of the pot while cleaning, and lift the Chemex coffee pot up to look at the sides and bottoms while cleaning to make sure you clean the entire pot thoroughly.

Step 3

Wash the top part of the Chemex coffee pot with a dish rag. Pay special attention to the lip of the coffee pot and the pouring spout to remove any coffee or tea residue left. Again, avoid dripping water down the outside of the coffee pot as much as possible.

Step 4

Remove the wood collar from the Chemex coffee pot every month or so to clean the entire exterior of the Chemex coffee pot and to remove any debris stuck between the collar and the pitcher. To remove the wood collar, untie the knot on the string that holds the collar in place and push the collar back off of the coffee pot so that it comes free. Once the collar is removed, the entire coffee pot can be submerged in hot, soapy water for a thorough cleaning.

Step 5

Press the wood collar back onto the Chemex coffee pot after the pot dries. To reattach the collar, put the opening of the collar against the neck of the coffee pot and push it onto the pot. Then retie the string that secures it to the coffee pot.

Things You Will Need

  • Dish soap
  • Coffee pot brush
  • Dish cloth

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