How to Get Melted Crayons Out of a Pan

Mary Ylisela

Leftover and broken crayon pieces make inexpensive craft supplies for homemade stained glass window decorations and candles. If melted crayon is left in the pan, it quickly hardens. Removing the melted crayon is not difficult, but you must do it in a way that doesn't damage the pan itself.

Crayon wax hardens to form a stubborn stain in your pan.

Careful removal methods allow you to get the melted crayon out of the pan without scratching the surface or leaving an unpleasant-tasting crayon was residue behind.


Spray the pan with baking spray before melting crayons to make the residue easier to remove.


Scraping the pan or using abrasive cleaners can damage the surface of some pans, such as nonstick or cast iron pans.

    The heat from a hairdryer softens crayon without making it burning hot.
  1. Set your hairdryer on the "Low" to "Medium" heat setting. Hold the hairdryer approximately 1 foot above the crayon stains in the pan.

  2. Heat the crayon stains until softened. Scoop the softened crayon out of the pan with a spoon. Discard the crayon substance.

  3. Remove any waxy crayon residue by liquefying it with the hairdryer. Lay a paper towel over the crayon to absorb the melted wax. Discard the towels.

  4. Pour white vinegar into the pan to cover the remaining crayon residue. Heat the pan to warm the vinegar.

  5. Nylon scrubs pans without scratching the surface.
  6. Move the pan to the kitchen sink. Scrub inside the pan with a nylon mesh scrubber. Pour the vinegar out of the pan.

  7. Fill the pan with warm water. Add five drops of dishwashing detergent and 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the water. Scrub the pan to remove the rest of the crayon stain.

  8. Rinse the pan with warm water. Dry it with a lint-free kitchen towel.