How to Install a Ceramic Towel Rack in Drywall

Ceramic towel bars add an element of design to your bathroom and the optimal way to install them is directly into studs beneath the drywall.

Towel bar manufacturers make towel racks in 16-inch and 32-inch widths to span the standard distances between two or three studs. However, you may want to hang your new towel bar over the studs and the manufacturer made allowances for just such an event. You may install the ceramic towel bar directly to the drywall, but don't plan on hanging anything heavier than a towel on the bar.

Locate the towel bar template that came with your towel bar. The template may be on a piece of folded up paper, or you may find it on the back or the side of the towel bar box. The box will also contain brackets, screws and wall anchors.

Fit a drill with the same size bit as recommended by the towel bar manufacturer.

Position the template on the wall where you want to install the new towel bar and use a carpenter's level to make sure it's level.

Mark the holes in the template with a pencil, drawing directly on the wall.

Drill holes into the drywall where indicated by the marks you made with the pencil. Most towel bars have two brackets, one on each end, held in place by two or more screws.

Insert one wall anchor into each hole by tapping gently with a hammer. The wall anchors are often plastic, but they may also be lightweight aluminum. Tap until the head of the wall anchor rests flush with the surface of the wall.

Position one bracket over the holes in the wall anchors and attach the bracket to the wall with the screws provided by the manufacturer. Use a screwdriver, not a drill to tighten the screws.

Repeat with the other bracket.

Slip the ceramic towel bar over the brackets from the top.

Insert the tiny control screws, if applicable, in the bottom of the ceramic towel bar. Not all towel bars come with control screws, but if yours does; you'll need a very small screwdriver.

Things You Will Need

  • Ceramic towel bar
  • Drill with bit
  • Carpenter's level
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver


  • Use only the screws that came with the towel bar; screws that are too large will strip out the inside of the wall anchors, rendering them useless.


  • Read the weight limit for hanging items on a towel bar not installed into studs, and do not exceed that weight limit by hanging blow dryers, clothing or more than one towel on the rack.

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