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How to Kill a Wasp Around an Electrical Outlet

Jeremy Carr

About 1 percent of the population can die from wasp or bee stings. In the United States this equates to about 3 million people. This makes clearing wasp and bee nests essential for the safety and maintenance of a home. You can accomplish this around outlets in a few easy steps.

Roughly 1 percent of the population is allergic to wasp and bee stings.
  1. Put on thick, heavy clothing. This makes it more difficult for the wasps or bees to sting you. Exposed skin allows the insect to put the stinger and venom directly into your body.

  2. Locate the wasp nest. Normally the nest is a honeycombed structure located high on a building. If it is not near an outlet, spray the nest directly and kill all wasps that live there. If the nest is near an outlet, use a ladder and knock it to the ground with your broom, then spray the nest immediately.

  3. For wasps congregating near an outlet, manually kill them with the broom. This is painstaking and slow, but you can't use a flammable and conductive liquid like wasp spray near an electrical outlet.

  4. Sweep up the nest and dead wasps. Discard these in the trash. With these actions you have removed the nest and any remaining wasps.