How to Putty Glaze Windows

Glazing a window places a seal around the edges of the window with either a glazing compound, wood or putty.

Glazing is done from the exterior side of a window.Glazing is done from the exterior side of a window.
Putty provides the most malleability and is easily painted to match an existing paint. Glazing putty is purchased at most hardware stores and is easy to use with minimal need for cleanup. The key to using putty to glaze windows is in the application. Warm putty is easier to work with, so keep the putty at or above room temperature.

Work the putty by pulling and stretching it to warm up the putty.

Roll out a chunk of glazing putty until it is approximately 1/4 inch thick and long enough to cover the length or width of the window pane.

Press the putty by hand into the seam between the window and window sash.

Smooth the surface of the putty over by pulling the flat edge of a putty knife down the length or across the width of the putty. The result will be a smooth surface connecting the window pane to the sash.

Cut excess putty off with the flat edge of the putty knife. Press the edge into the putty and pull the excess away from the repair site. Repeat Step 4 to ensure the exposed edge of the putty is smooth and flush with the sash and pane.

Things You Will Need

  • Glazing putty
  • Putty knife


  • Wet fingers work even better at smoothing out the putty. Moisten your finger and drag it from edge to edge on top of the putty. The result will be a smooth surface. Excess putty can be easily removed as done in Step 5.