How to Build a Whirlpool Tub Box

Many homeowners enjoy the relaxation of a whirlpool tub to relieve tension and muscle aches. Whirlpool tubs that are the focal point in a bathroom are in the center of the room and need a box surrounding them to enclose the motor and plumbing underneath. This protects them from water and also coordinate the tub with the rest of the bathroom decor.

Whirlpool tub boxes surround the tub in a bathroom.
  1. Lay a 2-by-4 board on the floor next to the front of the whirlpool tub. Align the board with the left front edge of the front of the tub. Mark the length of the tub's front on the board by using a carpenter's pencil. Repeat this process to mark boards for each of the three additional sides.

  2. Cut two boards the same length for each side with a circular saw. These are the bottom and top plates.

  3. Stretch a measuring tape from the floor to the whirlpool tub's top wall. Subtract 3.5 inches from the measurement to allow for the top and bottom plate height. Mark this measurement on 2-by-4 boards and cut the vertical studs. Cut one stud for each end of each wall and one for every 16 inches in between the ends.

  4. Place the bottom plate boards on the floor around the whirlpool tub. Hammer concrete nails through the boards and into the concrete below. Use one nail at each corner and two additional nails along the length of the tub. Add one additional nail on the width of the tub.

  5. Place each vertical stud on the bottom plate and hammer each one in to the bottom plate with 16-penny nails. Place the top plate on each side and attach it onto each vertical stud by using 16-penny nails.

  6. Measure each side of the tub box in length and width. Cut bathroom paneling to fit each side of the whirlpool box. Nail bathroom paneling on each side of the walls placing nails into the vertical studs underneath.

  7. Measure length and width of the top plates and cut bathroom paneling to fit on top of each top plate. Nail the paneling on each top plate with 16-penny nails.

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