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How to Add PVA Glue to Mortar

Mikhail Polenin

PVA adhesive is useful in many scenarios in which you apply a certain coating to an existing surface. It helps the surface remain workable while you skim it for a longer time because the PVA adhesive prevents the coating over it from drying too quickly. PVA glue or adhesive also allows for a stronger and longer-lasting bond between the existing surface and the coating you apply. One such use is the preparation for the application of plaster on top of a skimmed mortar structure.

Step 1

Mix two parts PVA glue with one part water in a bucket.

Step 2

Dip a paint roller into your mixture and allow it to absorb some of the PVA mix.

Step 3

Paint a coat of PVA glue mixture evenly on your applied mortar. Allow the mixture to dry. You know when PVA glue dries when it is no longer white.

Step 4

Wash your paint roller in a tub or bucket of water. Do this repeatedly, replacing the water with a new batch of clean water every time until no more glue mixture dilutes away from your roller.