How to Fix a House Window That Will Not Open

House windows stick for a number of reasons. Most often, heat and humidity cause the surrounding wood to swell, hindering the window from opening. In these cases, it's best to just wait out the weather. Another common cause is paint that has accumulated between the sash and sill over the years. With the proper tools and a little elbow grease, you can get your window in working order again.

Windows that won't open need a little elbow grease and TLC.
  1. Cut through the window sash's painted edges with a utility knife.

  2. Place a wide putty knife between the sash and the window frame. Tap the knife with a mallet to gently insert it. The wider the putty knife, the less damage there will be to the surrounding wood.

  3. Go outside, and wedge a pry bar between the sill and sash on the exterior side of the window. Work at each corner until the the sash goes up evenly.

  4. Sand the edges of the sash and sill to remove paint buildup, bumps and other irregularities on the wood until they are smooth.

  5. Apply a bit of paraffin wax to the surfaces to prevent future sticking.

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