Washing Instructions for Satin Ribbon Binding

Johnathan Cronk

Satin ribbon binding is used to add elegance and softness to fabrics. The binding is commonly used to trim a blanket's edges, creating a soft, beautiful feel. Satin is a luxury fiber made from silk that creates its sheen, making it difficult to clean. Some of today's satin is manufactured from synthetic, polyester fibers along with silk, making it machine washable. If your satin ribbon binding is not machine washable it's best to hand wash it.

Learn the proper way to clean your satin ribbon binding.
  1. Mix cold water and white detergent in a bowl until the mixture is thick and easy to lather on the binding.

  2. Place the satin ribbon binding into the mixture. Work the binding with your hands until the binding looks clean. The detergent should penetrate and remove the dirt.

  3. Empty the bowl and make a fresh detergent and cold water mixture. Place the satin ribbon binding into the fresh bowl and work it with your hands. This will rinse the remaining dirt away.

  4. Remove the satin ribbon binding from the mixture. There is no need to rinse as the detergent will cause the satin to be full and keep it's shape. Pull and stretch the binding evenly.

  5. Plug in your iron and set it to the "satin" setting. Iron the satin ribbon binding on the inside while the ribbon binding is still damp. Allow the binding to air dry completely before using.