How to Assemble a Doorknob

When you purchase a doorknob, you'll notice that it comes in two parts. This is because one knob needs to be placed on each side of the door. When properly assembled, the doorknobs will work together to open the door. If you do not put the inner mechanisms together correctly, the doorknob will not sit flush with the door and will not open the door when turned.

Assemble your doorknob correctly so that you can easily open the door.
  1. Place the bolt through the hole in the edge of the door. The curved edge of the tongue must face in the direction the door will close.

  2. Place one knob through the hole on the front of the door. The trim of the knob should be flush with the door.

  3. Line up the two prongs on the second knob with the holes of the inserted knob. Slide the two knobs together so they are both firmly against either side of the door.

  4. Insert the two provided screws into the holes on one side of the doorknob. Tighten these screws to hold the two knobs together and secure them to the door.

  5. Twist one knob while watching the tongue. If the tongue gets pulled into the door, the doorknob is assembled correctly.