How to Get Rid of Roaches Electronically

Cockroaches pose a serious health hazard because they can spread pathogens that can result in human infection, especially if they come into contact with human food. Roaches in large quantities also release chemicals that produce a foul odor. While chemical means are frequently the most effective method of getting rid of a cockroach population, electronic devices that emit high-frequency sounds or electromagnetic fields that humans can't detect are supposed to irritate the roaches into going elsewhere. Using these devices requires some patience and they should not be your sole source of roach removal.

Cockroaches will multiply rapidly if not removed quickly.

Step 1

Plug an electronic roach repellent into a wall outlet in the room where you have the most roaches. Turn it on. Some models turn on automatically when plugged in while others have a power switch.

Step 2

Add devices to other rooms of the house for best results. One per room is more effective than fewer numbers covering more space. Many electronic devices will not work through walls.

Step 3

Use other methods of pest control at the same time for best results. Electronic roach repellents are still controversial and some dispute on their effectiveness. Use chemical remedies and traps simultaneously and follow all instructions on the packaging for maximum effectiveness.

Step 4

Keep the devices plugged in until you don't see roaches anymore. Since they are harmless to pets or humans, you could opt to leave them plugged in to function as a deterrent to future roaches.

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