Whalen Furniture Assembly Instructions

Vanessa Tang

Whalen Furniture makes a variety of quality-crafted pieces out of hardwood. These pieces, which are not made out of low-grade laminate, often sport dovetail joints and deep finishes. Whalen makes everything from office furniture to entertainment pieces and children's furniture. One common piece is the "Scarlet Twin Bed SLTB." Six easy steps will have your daughter sleeping in a princess room in no time.

How to Assemble a Scarlet Twin Bed by Whalen Furniture

  1. Verify that all parts are ready to use.

  2. Screw the feet onto the bottom of each end of the headboard and footboard by twisting in a clockwise fashion.

  3. Raise both the headboard and footboard to a standing position. You may need two people to hold the pieces upright.

  4. Ensure that the solid strip that is located on the side rail is facing the inside of the bed and that the wood stoppers for the slats are in the "up" position. Select one side rail and place the metal hook from the top of it into the headboard slot, and then push inward and downward until it locks into position. Repeat with the other side rail on the other side of the headboard. Insert the metal hooks (on the other end of the side rails) into the footboard slots (in the same manner you attached the side rails to the headboard).

  5. Insert the mattress support slats unit into the slots on both of the side rails. Verify that every slot has a slat.

  6. Locate the pre-drilled holes in the slats and use a Phillips screwdriver to attach each end with a one-inch screw.