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How to Add Magnesium Chloride to Your Spa

Justin A. Mann

Magnesium chloride is a therapeutic compound used by many people to improve digestion and as a dietary supplement. Magnesium chloride comes in many forms including flakes and powder, and it can even be dissolved in oil for use in massage. Magnesium chloride baths provide a means for the body to absorb a healthy amount of magnesium transdermally, without the discomfort of taking the supplement orally. Spas are a prime venue for a magnesium chloride bath because of their ability to rapidly circulate water and therefore dissolve the magnesium chloride effectively. Applying magnesium chloride to a spa's water involves measuring the correct amount of the chemical for the amount of water in the spa and pouring the mixture into the water.

Add magnesium chloride to your spa for a healthy magnesium bath treatment.
  1. Measure out 1 lb. of magnesium chloride flakes or oil into a container. Pour the magnesium chloride directly into the spa water. Add another pound of magnesium chloride to the spa and repeat until the desired level of magnesium chloride is reached. Typically 2 to 4 lbs. of magnesium chloride are used for a single spa treatment.

  2. Turn the spa on, and activate the jets to begin circulating the spa's water. Allow the spa to circulate for several minutes to dissolve the magnesium chloride.

  3. Stir any undissolved magnesium chloride flakes resting on the bottom of the spa by hand or with a brush. Stir until the residue is fully dissolved.