How to Catch Silverfish

Although they are not dangerous, silverfish are an unsightly nuisance.

Silverfish are small, silver insects that are shaped like a flat teardrop. They are typically found in humid or moist areas with a moderate temperature. In particular, they enjoy the areas in or around bathtubs and sinks. A number of chemicals can kill silverfish in your home. But if you would rather simply catch and relocate them, you can build a simple trap that exploits their inclination toward moist environments and their poor climbing ability.

Wrap the outside of a clean glass jar in masking tape. The tape should cover the entire outside of the jar.

Pour a thin layer of water into the jar and add a bit of bread. These act as bait for the silverfish.

Place the jar in a location where you frequently find silverfish in your home.

Check the jar each day for silverfish. When silverfish inspect the jar for food or water, they discover the bread inside and climb in. They cannot climb up glass surfaces and remain trapped inside the jar.

Add soapy water to the jar to kill any silverfish that you have trapped, or release them outdoors.

Change the bread and water every few days to prevent mold or fungus from growing.

Things You Will Need

  • Clean glass jar
  • Masking tape
  • Water
  • Bread
  • Dish soap (optional)

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