How to Paint a Glass Dining Room Table

Glass provides a sleek material for contemporary furniture design. This highly reflective surface wipes clean, making it an appropriate choice for tables. Its naturally pale blue cast gives a cool vibe. However, you can warm up a glass dining room table with some paint. Applying a coat of paint to the reverse side of the glass allows you to keep the top of your table smooth and glossy. Spray paint leaves a flawless finish, free of brushstrokes.

Create an opaque glass surface with spray paint.
  1. Turn the table upside down on a clean plastic sheet. Work in a well-ventilated location, preferable outdoors. Wear goggles and a respirator.

  2. Tape around the edge or the glass. Use plastic sheets to protect the rest of the table from overspray. Keep the plastic in place with strips of tape.

  3. Sand the glass surface with fine-grit sandpaper. Touch the surface to make sure that it feels slightly dull. Wipe away any dust with a tack cloth.

  4. Soak some mineral spirits into a rag. Run the rag over the glass to remove any grease from the surface.

  5. Shake the can of spray paint for approximately 2 minutes. Hold the can about 6 inches away from the glass. Apply the paint with even, sweeping strokes.

  6. Apply several light coats. Wait 1 to 2 minutes between coats.

  7. Remove the plastic. Carefully peel off the tape. If the paint begins to peel off with the tape, cut along the edge of the tape with a razor blade.