How to Remove Scratches From a Magnifier Glass

Marshal M. Rosenthal

A magnifier glass (aka magnifying glass) is no less invulnerable to scratches than a standard pane of glass. You can buff the scratch out of a magnifier glass yourself, providing you have certain supplies. No special skill is needed, nor must you wear special gloves or protective eyewear while removing the scratches.

  1. Wash both sides of the magnifier glass in cold water. Wipe both sides dry with a soft cloth. Run the edge of the cloth around the inside rim on both sides of the glass to remove liquid that could rust the metal frame.

  2. Spray photographic-lens cleaner on the side of the magnifier glass with the scratch. Wipe the glass, including the inside rim, dry with the soft cloth.

  3. Place a towel on a table. Place the magnifier glass on the towel with the lens that has the scratch facing up.

  4. Hold the end of a nonabrasive-toothpaste tube against the glass to one side of the scratch. Press on the tube as you drag it across the length of the scratch, dispensing the toothpaste.

  5. Place the edge of a soft cloth against the glass at one end of the scratch. Press on the edge as you drag the cloth down the length of the scratch to its other end; rotate the cloth in small, circular motions while doing this. Continue to buff the glass for a total of 10 seconds.

  6. Remove the cloth and inspect the glass to see if the scratch is no longer visible. If the scratch is still visible, repeat steps 4 and 5.

  7. Dampen a soft cloth with water. Rinse the side of the magnifier glass that had the scratch with the cloth. Wipe the magnifier glass, including the inside rim, with a dry soft cloth.