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How to Remove Scratches From Mirror Shades

Marshal M. Rosenthal

Mirrored sunglasses, or "shades," can look cool -- except when there's a scratch running across one of the lenses. To restore your look, remove the scratch from the mirrored lens. A few supplies -- but no special skills -- are necessary.

Quickly repair those scratches that can ruin mirrored and other sunglasses.
  1. Rinse the mirrored shades in tap water. Dry the lenses with a dry soft cloth.

  2. Spray glass cleaner on the side of the lens that has the scratch. Wipe the glass cleaner off the lens with a dry soft cloth.

  3. Apply etching compound to the end of a cotton swab. Place the end of the swab against the left side of the scratch on the lens. Press down as you slide the swab across the scratch. Remove the swab once you reach the end of the scratch. Dispose of the swab in the trash.

  4. Place the edge of a chamois on the paste that is on the left side of the scratch. Rub the chamois over the scratch in a circular motion for a half minute. Wash the lens off with tap water. Dry the lens with a dry soft cloth.

  5. Inspect the lens to see if the scratch is no longer visible. Repeat the entire procedure if the scratch is still visible.