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How to Repair a Scratch in a Marble Table Top

Rachel Turner

Marble tabletops are an elegant and classy addition to anyone's home. Marble is a natural stone that will likely outlast other furniture materials you have due to its sturdy and durable nature. Unfortunately, since marble is a soft stone, it is vulnerable to scratches from common, everyday wear and tear. While preventing scratches within marble is key, scratches within the surface of the marble tabletop can easily be repaired with a few simple products.

Repair scratches on marble tabletops with sandpaper.
  1. Fill a small plastic bucket with warm water. Add two to three drops of mild dish detergent to the warm water, and stir until soapy with a wood spoon.

  2. Dip a clean, soft cloth into the warm, soapy water, and wring out until the cloth is slightly damp. Rub the marble tabletop with the damp cloth, surrounding the scratched area to remove grit and dirt from the scratch.

  3. Dampened a clean, dry cloth with warm water, and rinse away any remaining soap residue that may still be on the marble tabletop. A preventative measure to help keep marble tabletops free from scratches is to clean the marble with a damp cloth daily.

  4. Dry the marble tabletop with a dry, clean cloth to buff the surface. Rub the dry cloth over the marble surface until it begins to shine.

  5. Rub the marble scratch back and forth with a piece of 120-grit sandpaper, applying moderate pressure. Continue to rub the scratch with different pieces of sandpaper, progressively working your way up to 320-grit, until the scratch is gone from the marble tabletop.

  6. Wipe the area where you sanded the marble tabletop with the dampened cloth to remove all sanding dust. Any sanding dust you left behind unnoticed may cause more scratches on the marble tabletop.

  7. Dab a small amount of marble polish onto a buffing pad. Buff the marble tabletop using short, circular strokes. Repeat the application of marble polish until you have reached the desired shine on the marble tabletop.

  8. Wipe the marble polish off the marble tabletop with a chamois. Rub the chamois over the entire marble tabletop for an even polish and shine.