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How to Fix a Scratched Tervis Tumbler

Marshal M. Rosenthal

A Tervis tumbler can be scratched by the edge of a knife, an errant fork or some other implement used in the kitchen. Fix the scratch on the Tervis tumbler in the same manner as any scratch on a plastic surface--by filling in the scratch with a material that bonds to the plastic.

Supplies from a hardware store are needed, as are items commonly found in the kitchen.

  1. Wash the inside and outside of the scratched Tervis tumbler with tap water and dishwashing liquid in the kitchen sink. Let the Tervis air-dry before continuing.

  2. Stand the Tervis on the kitchen countertop. Apply the moderate-strength plastic cleaning solution to an edge of a clean soft rag.

  3. Hold the top of the tumbler so that it doesn’t move with one hand. Place the moistened edge of the rag against the Tervis, to one side of the scratch.

  4. Press down on the edge as you drag the rag across the scratch. Lift the rag up when you reach the other side of the scratch. Repeat this procedure until the edges of the scratch look softened to the eye.

  5. Repeat this entire procedure with another clean edge of the soft rag, only using the light-strength plastic cleaning solution. Stop rubbing the rag against the Tervis when you can no longer see the scratch. Leave the tumbler to air-dry while you toss the rag into the trash.

  6. Warning

    Keep children and pets away from the work area where you are fixing the scratch on the Tervis tumbler.