How to Clean Wool Buffer Pads

Wool buffer pads are commonly used to shine cars, but they also can be used to buff wood furniture, glass tabletops and metal fixtures. Real lambswool pads and lambswool/polyester blends contain natural lanolin to keep the pad soft and lubricated, and should never be laundered or washed with soap and water. To keep your wool buffer pad in good condition, clean it using a dry method after every use, and as necessary during use.

Hold the buffer so that the pad faces up and brace it against a surface such as a table.

Turn the buffer on. Gently press the teeth of the spur into the pad as it rotates, allowing them to pull the dirt and polish out. Move the spur back and forth lightly to restore the pad to its original shape. You can continue to use the pad immediately. Use the spur to clean the pad when you're finished buffing.

Remove the pad from the buffer after use and set it to dry face up. Any leftover material on the pad will come off when the pad has dried for at least a day.

Things You Will Need

  • Spur cleaning tool


  • A good-quality wool pad can be cleaned and reused several times. Discard the pad when the buildup can't be easily removed.

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