How to Use 1 Shot Paint

1 Shot paint is famous for its promise of only one coat of paint for a perfect color.
1 Shot paint is used by professionals for its quality and long-lasting color.1 Shot paint is used by professionals for its quality and long-lasting color.
The brand is known for its solid colors that do not wash away or smear. Sign painters and professional artists use it for its quality and endurance. 1 Shot paint comes in myriad vibrant colors and can be used on most solid surfaces, including walls, glass, metal and wood. 1 Shot products also include paint thinners and reducers, brush conditioners and cleaners, tinting paint, glossy paint and translucent paint. For best results, use 1 Shot products with your 1 Shot paint.

Step 1

Mix the color you want to use with a mixing stick. Add 1 Shot reducers to thin the paint if necessary. If you are planning to use the paint in a sprayer, strain it before using.

Step 2

Paint your chosen surface with 1 Shot paint and the paintbrush of your choice. As you paint, the brush will not leave marks, so it does not matter what type of brush you choose.

Step 3

Wait for the paint to dry. It will take two to five hours before it is dry to the touch and eight to 12 hours before it is dry enough to handle.

Step 4

Wait 12 to 16 hours before re-coating, if you decide it is necessary.

Step 5

Clean your painting tools thoroughly with 1 Shot brush conditioner and cleaner.

Things You Will Need

  • Paintbrush
  • 1 Shot brush conditioner and cleaner
  • 1 Shot reducers
  • Mixing stick


  • For best results, use only 1 Shot paint when the temperature is higher than 65 degrees F.


  • 1 Shot paint is not meant to be used in temperatures lower than 50 degrees F.