How to Remove Paper from the GBC Bates 3220ST Electric Punch

GBC Bates' 3220ST Electric Punch allows you to punch quarter-inch holes to standard two-hole or three-hole measurements in paper that has been loaded into the device either long ways or sideways.

The press is designed to be user-friendly and simple, but as with any appliance, it's possible for paper to become stuck. If this happens, several steps will help you remove paper from the press without tearing the paper or damaging the machine.

Disconnect the 3220ST's power cord to shut down the machine before opening the chip drawer.

Pull open the chip drawer at the base of the punch's front side.

Empty the drawer into a waste-paper or recycling bin.

Replace the paper tray, and reconnect the power cable.

Turn the paper release knob on the right side of the machine toward you while gently pulling on the paper to ease it out of the machine.

Re-insert the paper to finish punching. Don't feed more than 25 sheets of paper into the machine at once because this can cause further jams.

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