How to Splice a Humminbird Transducer Cable

Transducers, such as the ones manufactured by Humminbird, are used as a tactile sensor to detect objects under a boat. This transducer usually connects to the signal receiver through the use of a cable that extends from the bottom of the boat. In the event that your cable is not long enough, you can make the cable longer with the use of a special extension cable.

  1. Plug the end of your transducer's cable into the port on your transducer extension cable.

  2. Plug the other end of the extension cable into your transducer's connector holder. Attach the connector holder to your transducer's mounting bracket, and fasten the holder to the bracket by using a screwdriver to drive 9 mm screws into the bracket. Slide the mounting bracket into the receiver.

  3. Turn the receiver on to test your extended cable. You can now get proper readings on the receiver.

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