Skylight Protection From Hail Damage

Michael Davidson

A skylight can be badly damaged from impact. Even though the glass is usually tempered to prevent shattering, a hard force striking the pane can cause cracking and necessitate skylight replacement. One of the most common causes of this type of impact is hail, which is precipitation that freezes into solid clumps of ice before falling from the sky. Hail can be as small as a pebble or larger than a tennis ball. Protecting a skylight against hail damage requires preparation and an awareness of weather patterns.

A damaged skylight will quickly lead to water leaks and other problems.

Step 1

Use glass in your skylight that is reinforced so it is specifically designed to withstand hail, if possible. Many companies advertise hail-resistant panes that are more durable than regular window glass. They are frequently coated in silicone to improve their impact resistance.

Step 2

Observe weather reports so you are aware of when hail is expected. This gives you advance warning so you can be fully prepared when hail is coming.

Step 3

Attach a tarp over the skylight when hail is called for to provide an additional barrier that could help prevent the glass from cracking if it gets struck by hail stones.

Step 4

Remove the tarp once the storm is over.